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Library App ver 2.3.10 released
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As per user's request, minor updates were added to the application. The new version 2.3.10 has been patched to the server today.

OPS App ver released
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As per user's request, access changes to the 'Sales' user role has been applied. The new version has been patched to the server.

User cannot sign-in due to IP address conflict
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User reported that a client's PC received an error message at sign-in saying that there is an IP address conflict. This was due to the previous power outage incident where a printer lost its settings. The printer took over the settings that was previously assigned to this client PC, and as a result, the client PC cannot get a valid IP address at startup. We login to the server and created new settings for the client PC. After rebooting the client PC, it is able to sign-in successfully with the new settings, and the error message is no longer visible.

Cannot spool print jobs to wireless printer
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User reported not being able to print to the wireless printer. Since the wireless printer was shared from a server, we removed the wireless printer and re-connect it for the user. Printer was then able to accept print jobs from the user again.

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